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Tonight the nominations for the sgdiverse_award categories of Beckett/Sheppard and Beckett/McKay/Sheppard went up.

I've updated all the entries on the JCL with the icon/link:

The awardnom tag will take you to a complete list of all stories nominated for any award.  (Right now there are listings for the 2006 Stargate Fan Awards, the 2006 Titanium Whip Awards and the 2007 DiversiFICation Awards)

If I missed your story, please let me know.

Everyone, go!  read!  vote! (when the time comes.)

Also, the Stargate Fan Awards have opened nominations.  In their news they recently wrote:
One big change will become apparent when voting opens. In the past we’ve always divided the nominations into type of fiction (action/adventure, drama, romantic, etc) and then broken down the nominations by the particular character/pairing. After a lot of consideration, the team has decided that it would be easier for you to find the types of things you are looking for if the character or pairing came first.

Which means that if we can get enough stories nominated, we can get a Beckett/Sheppard category this year.  Last year several stories were nominated, but ended up shuffled in with the overwhelming number of John/Rodney fics.  That won't happen this year as long as we have enough nominations to stand on our own!  But that won't happen without you!

[/psa regarding awards and standing up for our pairing. ;)]